Rain of Winter Version Nich.

Session 6: God runs out of ideas
The hiatus begins and our heroes begin epic journeys
Let's meet grandma

yet to come

In an epic showdown of destiny our party, sans Gunther who we buried with some rugs under a tent near Leafton, traveled to the shadowy castle of Kyoshi the deathless and fought the dark lord himself. The battle took place on the castle’s dueling platform above an ocean of lava as our heroes stood their ground in epic combat and GLORIOUSLY SLEW THE VILLAIN!

This is what actually happened and any rumors to the contrary are false.

Session 4: Drinking and divining

-the group finds ettir on the throne of the frost giant.
-continues to the next room which has a pond and small stream of water that freezes shit.
-anfu got shot and poisoned but anfu don’t give a shit.
-they follow the stream.
-they encounter a large zombeh.
-they descend down the huge stair well.
-they come to a room with tapestries depicting a skeleton with a crown in a field of wilting wheat, a dragon in a field of bones, a prince in a throne room of gold, and a old haggard woman in a forest.
-theres also crypts.
-they align the crypt tops, apparently empty, and opened shit.
-Quinn set down his crown.
-he the lost his eye to an old lady who told him how to kill the witch.
-Arioch drinks more Ettir and attains immortality at level 7.

Session 3: Vault Hunting
No Sneak peaks

- The party convinced the ancient frost giant (Yyorghorth) to join them in their campaign of revenge against Baba Yaga.
- The group entered an ominous torture chamber and fought a large shadow demon.
- Group descended into what was presumably the old Frost Giant kings throne room, complete with dead frost giants, and had to kill some kind of grey smoking zombie thing.

Session 2: Witch's Cathedral
To thicken the cauldron stew

-The party assembles after the battle and are summoned to Trobjorn’s deathbed.

-Trobi talks to them about the black castle and reveals that it is Koschei The Deathless is the one in the black castle.

-Trobi also speaks of a witch coven in the southern woods that may aid them to either kill Koschei, or convince him to help the group defeat Baba Yaga.

-nurse is Haji

-Trobi dies. : – (

-The group departs and is separated in a blizzard. They find their way to the woods and into a graveyard.

-One of the groups find their way to a small chapel and are attacked by a werewolf, while the other group finds two ancient crypts. One contained a chained coffin (which then disappears) and another which is filled with stone coffins.

-The group continues and finds their way to the cathedral and the witches within. The head witch, Ya’hett, confronts them telling them that they are not friends nor allies, but rather two forces against a mutual foe.

- The group decends into the Grand Vault….

Session 1: Awakening
A Troubling Start

- The group awakens in a snowy clearing.

- After traveling some time in the forest the group finds an old campsite with frozen men killed in combat. Group is beset by strange armored undead of some sort.

- After being saved by Leshii, a spirit who protects the forest, the group rests around the campfire safely for the night and head out early.

- Group discovers town of Leafton.

-Some members of the group explore the ruins of what once had been a majority of Leafton, now burned to the ground by skeleton soliders.

-Visited a barn where the group encountered The Stranger.

-Unknown force was left unchecked by the Stranger, who’s rather bad at his one job, and destroys an apparently important flower that was found in the farm house. (No need to pass blame when nobody knows who it really was)

-Returned to Leafton and during the night are attacked by a massive force of skeletons.

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