Sörrilth Favinir

A small and lithe dragon with silver scales; always glancing about as if afraid of being watched


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Disclaimer: I don’t know any of these languages, so I’m totally making this stuff up. I also kinda don’t know how this is useful to anyone :|

Sörrilth Favinir is the name given to him by WizardLady. Sörrilth is a combination of ‘sorrow’ in Auran and the name of a dragon she once met. Favinir was the name of her brother, who was murdered at a young age.

Sörrilth was given the name Silserash by SGND. It is a mispronunciation of the word ‘ember blade’ in his language.

His sister calls him Särand, supposedly the Taninim word for ‘brother’, but Sörrilth doesn’t know how she could have learned any Taninim words. Regardless, he likes the name and allows those he cares about to call him by it.


Some Guy Noble Dude, the Lord of a medium sized province in Place, was a intimidating and boastful Race who always had to appear better than everyone else. When he heard a neighboring noble had captured an exotic pet, SGND needed something better. And in his mind, the only thing better would be a dragon.
SGND hired an elite adventuring party to find him some dragon eggs. Not an easy task even for near epic level adventurers.

Sörrilth Favinir

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