Osarin Borik

A very large man, whose entire person is covered in scars. A long flowing golden mane accompanied by a glorious beard are complemented by beautiful, soulful blue eyes.


Hailing from Kalsgaurd, Osarin Borik is nephew to the great Linnorm King, Svienn Blood-Eagle. As a child, he lost his father in a battle against a mighty Linnorm dragon. Being recently orphaned, he was adopted by his uncle Svienn, who cared for him until his adolescence.

Once Osarin came of age, his uncle brought him to the heart of Grungir Forest and was instructed to return to Kalsgard if he wished to remain in the care of royalty. Left in the wilderness with nothing but his will and wit, Osarin was driven to make his way home. He spent 33 days being worn and weathered before he made back to the castle gates. Upon arrival,

Osarin Borik

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