Malthiel Ebonhart (Deceased)

A large cloaked knight wielding a two handed blade.


Gaining height from both parents Ebonhart over 6ft 7in. tall. He has elven skin (though it appears slightly darker and with a green tint) and has the thick black hair of an orc. His eyes are a pupil-less violet like an elf and he has sharp teeth and small tusks. He wears a large lightly colored leather cloak that conceals his visage and armor beneath. Ebonhart wields a large falchion that is a reddish gold color in appearance.


Race: Half-Elf/Half-Orc.

Religion: Calistria

Alignment: CN

Class: Blood Knight??? (Pending approval)

History: Born from an elven captive in Belkzen he was taught, as many half orcs are (Seriously because they’re smarter the orcs make them leaders. It’s actually pretty sound reasoning), to be a clan leader and strategist. However he hated their brutal ways and dreamed of the stories his mother would tell of her homeland in Kyonin. After she died, Ebonhart escaped from the clan and traveled to Kyonin itself where he dreamed of being accepted by his people. He entered a small village and was promptly attacked as a believed orc spy. He managed to kill the captain of the guard by throwing dirt in his eyes before stabbing him with his own sword. After that he fled with the blade. Having no idea where to go or where in the world he belonged, Ebonhart, then age twenty six, wandered north until he reached Lastwall. Though he resented the elves and the orcs, Ebonhart still wished to make a difference in the world so he joined the fight against the spawn of the Worldwound. He used the stolen Falchion and showed his worth beyond that of a lowly infantryman. At age thirty seven he was accepted as a Paladin squire. He trained for years as a holy knight, and hatred for his past enemies festered. He wondered why he was defending such undeserving folk. As his seething resentment grew so too did his temptation to obtain vengeance. One night he sneaked away the border and instinctively he knew where to go. A voice called to him. Eventually he was led to a church of Callistria where he was assisted in the rituals to become and antipaladin by her worshipers who had also heard her voice. After he was turned, Ebonhart studied the way of the fickle lady for a time before he was called south by the cults Oracle. He headed to the southern countries and eventually entered Taldor in search of his quest.

Malthiel Ebonhart (Deceased)

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