Gunther Arcanis

"I play the fucking Lyre"


Covered in tattered, greying robes, Gunther stands, slouched at 5’ 5" using his staff adorned with a coconut for a crutch. His hands are gloved, though the gloves look rather shredded near the finger tips. Glowing eyes shine behind a simplistic, cracked mask depicting a fox. From behind the mask, an unsettling voice emanates. Hanging from his side is a beautiful golden lyre with colored strings.


Gunther was a teacher in life, and in undeath. In life, he taught at a university where he collected a huge ass pay. Not because of the teacher’s salary, even in Golarion, it’s shit, but because he was part of a ponzi scheme that would put the Mason’s Guild into considerable debt. Life was good until Gunther and his companions were chased out of Absalom, through the sea that surround the city, and a couple miles from the eastern shore. From there, he set out to find a place that would accept his ways of doing legitimate business, so he made the journey towards Galt.

After being chased out of Galt because apparently there isn’t much in the way of teaching jobs for magic and word travels fast about magical vagrants when they attempt to steal the magical guillotine blades that essentially fuel the nation’s motivation.

On the run and without food, water, or his notebook of I.O.U’s, Gunther started to use his magic for evil. He began burning a swathe of terror throughout the Galtan border that spread south quickly. Towns were burned, bodies nowhere to be found, and coffers were usually empty, or refilled with burnt apology notes. Eventually, towns stopped being burnt down, but the populace would still disappear.

Toting the new Lyre he built using some components he found in a mysteriously charred witch’s hut, Gunther continued his reign of apologetic destruction until he met with a strange character. A hooded figure approached Gunther and offered him a place to stay where he could lay low until the law lost his trail. Gunther accepted the man’s offer, after which the two were teleported into what seemed to be a dungeon of some sort. The mystery man explained to Gunther that this would be his home for the foreseeable future, and that the two were going to have to make an agreement.

The agreement went as such: the man, named Garfunkle, would probe Gunther’s mind and learn all that pertained to arcane magic that resided within, and in return Garfunkle would give Gunther power over death itself, or he could just kill Gunther. Properly scared and shocked that following random strange men had lead him into such a dangerous situation, Gunther did the one thing he knew how to.

Gagged and held down by multiple charred corpses, the now seared Garfunkle stabbed our protagonist with a very special knife that bound his soul within. Inside the blade, Gunther was being drained of his knowledge of Akashic magic and skills, all the while Gunther was able to stare our from the blade and see what was going on outside. The process took the greater part of ten years in which Gunther took to Garfunkle, and instead of being drained of his knowledge of the Akasha, Gunther would teach the now exposed dread lich about the ancient form of magic. By the end, the two had an appreciation for each other, and Garfunkle eventually made good on his promise.

Soul removed from the blade and given to a new phylactery, a jade hidden within a locket, and mind restored to his old body, Gunther became a lich. A very weak one, at that. With new arcane power bestowed by Garfunkle as well as the promise of three favors to aid him, Gunther made a point to use these favors to further his way to independence. The first two were as follows: ‘I want to keep my will and right to accept or decline any task you give me’ and ‘I want a bitchin’ mask so that no one can really tell I’m a rotting corpse’.

Twenty years of serving Garfunkle and exploring Geb pass, as well as teaching at Geb’s Arcane Academy for Specialized Magics, when snow started to fall. The dread council declare it to be of magical origin. Garfunkle tells Gunther to chase the source of the snow and bring it to him.

Gunther Arcanis

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