Aroden, The Living God

Back from the archonic grave, I shall save humanity again.


Cloaked in a mass of mithril plates and shields, more agile than most however his strength is not as impeccable. His eyes light purple through his armor’s masque, as do the runic marks spread throughout his back, arms, and legs. When damaged they alight and remake the body I lay in.


I use to be a true immortal. A God, having raised the Starstone from the depths and brought mankind out of the Age of Darkness, ascension graced me and I have watched over mankind since. That is, until, well, I died. It’s… fuzzy. I don’t know what happened. I simply woke up in the realm of spirits and the first thing a saw, a guiding light, I followed it. I met many spirits and poltergheist along the way, and when I finally got to the light, I saw it. A body, soulless, empty, and in all ways, built, I saw it as destiny leading me back. I touched the body and it came alive with me and I woke up for a second time.

Two men met me, a cleric and a wizard, two of Aroden’s following, they were the ones calling me after having found the body. It had morphed with my power, the eyes turning a royal purple, the hair, black, face a bit more slim, however when I first tried I could not use my magic. I realized that “The Last of the First Humans” was no more, but I could still come back. I traveled with my followers for a little while, but at a point I said to them “Go, tell of my return. I have a mission of my own.” I had learned of a new menace taking over, an advancing chill that came out of the north unnaturally. I headed up and found others going toward the same goal and met with them, as well with a fuzzy companion that took to me nicely, Comet, a winter wolf. That’s when our adventure led us to the Tree of Life, a magic and mighty tree, once great it had been diseased. A blinding light took over the sky and all our visions.

That was when I woke up again. I hope the third time’s the charm.

Aroden, The Living God

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