Arioch Tyveren


Arioch gained both height and blond hair from an Ulfen mother and his Azlanti-esque features and pale complexion from his Cheliaxian father. He has vivid green eye(s) and his dirty blond hair is mostly pulled into a large ponytail. He stands at 5ft 11in and is about 170ibs. Although he’s fairly muscular Arioch moves somewhat stiffly and with an air of frailty that belies his strength. A large slash can be seen extending diagonally across his throat, and Arioch’s left eye is a startling artificial creation from pure sapphire that seems to pulse with magic to the trained eye (heh). He still cuts an imposing figure and an elegance reflective of his aristocratic upbringing.


Arioch is of the former Cheliaxian house of Tyveren. House Tyveren was a minor noble house that mostly profited from buying slaves and other goods in Katapesh and selling them in Corentyn on Cheliax’s southern coast. Arioch’s father married an Ulfen woman to help tighten a trading agreement with her father who traded in Tian goods over the Path of Aganhei.

Arioch spent much of his childhood at his families estate in Katapesh and to a lesser extent at the family home in Corentyn. When he was eight years old his father began having him help the slave handlers so he could learn more about the family business. At age ten he met a young slave girl from Arcadia named Nia, who he started to develope a crush on. As they spent time together he began to trust her and snuck her a key as well as showing her a secret way to get from the slave pens to the mansion so she could come and see him. About three days later he was awoken during the night to screaming and a burning building. Escaped slaves were destroying everything and killing anyone they could reach. Arioch hid in his room until Nia entered, as he went to talk to her she slashed at his throat with a shiv and left him to bleed to death.

Surprisingly Arioch survived and awoke the next day covered in blood and soot. Ash from the burning ceiling had clogged the wound while it healed over, saving his life. Katapeshi guards rounded him up with the slaves and, despite his protests as to his noble status, sold him with the other escapees to various other parties.

Arioch was bought by a Galtan aristocrat as a servant for her mansion. She ruled a small and, relative given the notorious chaos of Galt, safe town on Galt’s northern border. After about a year there the town was attacked by the undead and Arioch managed to escape.

Doing various odd jobs Arioch was eventually able to return to Corentyn where he found that his families legacy was gone, and his parents had died in the Katapeshi slave revolt (which he never really confirmed until then), as the family estate and assets were auctioned off to various bureaucrats and distantly related noble families. Arioch was able to use a legal technicality and some rather insidious methods to regain a bit of the family fortune after some of the inheritors had “accidents” but for the most part his family was finished.

Humiliated in the eyes of the aristocracy and spurned by his houses old allies Arioch fled Chelliax and ended up using most of his fortune to secure a house in Magnimar within the wild lands of Varisia. At age 14 Arioch had little to do (he sustained his lifestyle by investing in the cities thriving sea trade) and began studying the mysteries of the Irespan across the cities port. He became enamored with the Runes and artefacts of ancient Thassilion. After embarking on an expedition to the ruins of Xin and finding an ancient holy symbol of Lassila, Arioch found that he had the aptitude to channel divine energy through the artifact and began purchasing notes on Thassilion to better understand the dark deity.

After years of obsessive study of both historical artefacts and Thassilion’s runic magic Arioch gained something of a local reputation as well as an interesting offer. Impressed by his acumen and dedication one of the many hidden cults of Sivanah invited him to join its ranks. Like all followers of the lady of mysteries Arioch has been sworn to secrecy regarding his abilities and the knowledge he has gained.

Arioch is interested in arcane lore and exotic types of magic, having spent over a decade studying the practic of Akashic magic within the cult of Sivanah as well as studying arcane, runic, and divine magic theory and history. He’s also very paranoid and has something of a……….dislike, not quite a phobia, of crowds. Over the years he’s also found that boats do not agree with him and prefers to stay on solid ground. Arioch is currently age 27.

Arioch Tyveren

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