Rain of Winter Version Nich.

Session 4: Drinking and divining

-the group finds ettir on the throne of the frost giant.
-continues to the next room which has a pond and small stream of water that freezes shit.
-anfu got shot and poisoned but anfu don’t give a shit.
-they follow the stream.
-they encounter a large zombeh.
-they descend down the huge stair well.
-they come to a room with tapestries depicting a skeleton with a crown in a field of wilting wheat, a dragon in a field of bones, a prince in a throne room of gold, and a old haggard woman in a forest.
-theres also crypts.
-they align the crypt tops, apparently empty, and opened shit.
-Quinn set down his crown.
-he the lost his eye to an old lady who told him how to kill the witch.
-Arioch drinks more Ettir and attains immortality at level 7.


ninjacreed2 Everwinter

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