Rain of Winter Version Nich.

Session 2: Witch's Cathedral

To thicken the cauldron stew

-The party assembles after the battle and are summoned to Trobjorn’s deathbed.

-Trobi talks to them about the black castle and reveals that it is Koschei The Deathless is the one in the black castle.

-Trobi also speaks of a witch coven in the southern woods that may aid them to either kill Koschei, or convince him to help the group defeat Baba Yaga.

-nurse is Haji

-Trobi dies. : – (

-The group departs and is separated in a blizzard. They find their way to the woods and into a graveyard.

-One of the groups find their way to a small chapel and are attacked by a werewolf, while the other group finds two ancient crypts. One contained a chained coffin (which then disappears) and another which is filled with stone coffins.

-The group continues and finds their way to the cathedral and the witches within. The head witch, Ya’hett, confronts them telling them that they are not friends nor allies, but rather two forces against a mutual foe.

- The group decends into the Grand Vault….


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