Rain of Winter Version Nich.

Session 1: Awakening

A Troubling Start

- The group awakens in a snowy clearing.

- After traveling some time in the forest the group finds an old campsite with frozen men killed in combat. Group is beset by strange armored undead of some sort.

- After being saved by Leshii, a spirit who protects the forest, the group rests around the campfire safely for the night and head out early.

- Group discovers town of Leafton.

-Some members of the group explore the ruins of what once had been a majority of Leafton, now burned to the ground by skeleton soliders.

-Visited a barn where the group encountered The Stranger.

-Unknown force was left unchecked by the Stranger, who’s rather bad at his one job, and destroys an apparently important flower that was found in the farm house. (No need to pass blame when nobody knows who it really was)

-Returned to Leafton and during the night are attacked by a massive force of skeletons.


ninjacreed2 Lord_Nesbit

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